Presented here are Tips on How to Write a Narrative Essay

Writing a narrative essay is deemed an essential part of research work as it is through a narrative essay that a researcher can present their experiences allowing their readers to make their conclusions.

Understanding What a Narrative Essay Entails

To understand how to write a narrative essay, it is important first to understand what a narrative essay is. A narrative essay is a storytelling text description which allows the author to share their experiences in an unusual inspirational way. Writing a college narrative essay assists learners in improving their storytelling skills while proving their knowledge and understanding of the subject they are being tested. Some students find these types of essays more exciting to write than other types of written assignments.

The Outline of a Narrative Essay: Step-by-Step Procedure of Writing a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay structure includes an introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction of a narrative essay is important in attracting the reader’s attention. Therefore, the introduction should;

  • Start with a short and catchy phrase
  • Include a thesis statement at the end
  • Contain supportive information about the significance of the story being told

The introduction tells the reader what is contained in the body paragraphs. The body presents the entire part of the story. Writing a good narrative body involves;

  • Presenting a different idea in each paragraph
  • Adopting a logical pattern when writing the story
  • Emphasizing on the significance of the experience while pointing out the universal truth which the story tries to unveil to the audience

The author can adopt a philosophical, ironical, critical or romantic style of writing when presenting their work. A good narrative essay should end with a conclusion. Writing a narrative conclusion involves either of the following.

  • Summarizing the main points of the story
  • Wrapping it up with rhetorical questions
  • Reminding the readers of the central message of the narrative
  • Leaving the readers with the responsibility to think about the presented problems in the essay

Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay

There are various observations that students need to consider when writing a narrative essay. Described below are tips on how to write a good narrative essay

  • Keep the essay clear and free from complex words and syntax. As well, distribute the presented ideas between sentences and paragraphs.
  • Ensure all the details of the story are captured to avoid skewing readers’ understanding. However, describing every movement of the author should be avoided.
  • Narrative essays should be written in the first person while avoiding the second person narrative as this engages readers with the immediacy of the author’s experience.
  • Dynamic words and an active voice should be used when writing narrative essays to capture the interest of the reader. One should assume they are writing a speech and thus should use the same phrases as in a speech while avoiding passive constructions.
  • Also, when writing a narrative essay, references should be limited. Helpful works should only be listed after the essay to avoid disruptions to the reader.